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  • The 'celeb' section gets less action than a transgender feminist faking menstrual cycles during a monster truck rally. If these skankaroonies don't start making better use of their genitals, I might shitcan the entire thing.

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  • She rises from a crack den, to offer up her snagglepuss to a crowd of confused Generation Z'rs. The bread's at full yeast, but those titties still look perky. I'd close my eyes and just pretend it's Selena Gomez's asshole.

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  • Porn Parodies: The sure sign of making it in the entertainment industry. Most celebrities have to wait until their 2nd act of public intoxication to get one, but odds are they didn't get brain kicked back to reality.

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  • If I may be so bold, I'll speak for everyone here: I can forgive the low-grade cellphone quality. I can look past Ned Flander's head blocking half the shot. But giving us .GIF over .MP4? 0/10 you ungenerous, greedy shitbag.

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  • Hey Christina. Here's a concept for your next big song. It's called "I Used To Be Hot But Now My Face Looks Bloated Like Newt Gingrich's Asshole & I Cant Stop My Vagina From Leaking V8 Splash". Straight from the soul.

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  • Hot.

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  • You ever see Donnie Darko? Remember the bitchy older sister? Wanna see her get violated by a Chinaman suffering from small penis complex? Don't worry, I'll bring the popcorn.

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  • She's no Sarah Palin but I still fapped.

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  • McCain is 3 years over his life expectancy. He'll most likely die before even completing his first term. That would make Sarah Palin America's most supreme pussy.

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  • Former playboy model Shauna Sand got a tit job and I have a sneaking suspicion that the doctor was blind. Her nipples are just a little fucked up!

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  • Her face is busted and she has the hairline of 60 year old man, but her titties still appear to be perky. I'd fuck her and just pretend it was Christina Aguilera.

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  • Don't judge me. I don't need that shit in my life. Just look at her big 80 year old natties and imagine titty fucking them.

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  • She can still sit on my face. I'd lick her bloody vagina till my tongue fell off. Just kidding, that dirty goop whore has AIDS.

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